Lithuania has long been known for exclusive health resorts providing accessible services of the highest standard and care for visitors seeking to improve their health balance. There are three main health resorts – towns in Lithuania: Palanga, Druskininkai and Birštonas. All of them offer a variety of SPA centers, accommodation services and cultural entertainment.

Palanga – is a seaside resort town western Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is the busiest summer resort in Lithuania and has beaches of sand (18 km long and up to 300 m wide) and sand dunes In the summer, a multitude of tourists stay on Palanga, both for its beaches and to enjoy the maritime atmosphere. There is a carnival centered on Jonas Basanavičius Street, which is a pedestrian only thoroughfare during the high season. There are dozens of restaurants, bars, rides, and other forms of entertainment. The Amber Museum is open to the public, as are as the museum’s extensive botanical gardens. Anaičiai Ethnographic Cemetery holds a collection of 19th- and early 20th-century graves. In the Sculptures Garden, one can find 28 contemporary Art statues by artists from Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Also found in Palanga is one of the oldest operating pharmacies in Lithuania. It was established in the mid-19th century.

Druskininkai – is a spa town on the Nemunas River in southern Lithuania, close to the borders of Belarus and Poland The city of Druskininkai has a population of 14,172 (2013 Census and dates back as a spa resort to the 19th century. The town is located at the Ratnyčia River estuary to the Nemunas river and is surrounded by a natural forest reserve. The town is situated in a picturesque landscape with rivers, lakes, hills and forests. There are a number of art and historical museums and galleries in the city. Many cultural events take place, most of them during spring, summer and fall.

Birštonas – is a balneological resort and a spa town in Lithuania situated 30 km (19 miles) south of Kaunas (second largest city in Lithuania) on the right bank of the Nemunas river. The resort was founded in 1846. Many people from Russian, EU countries, and Lithuanian cities visit sanatoriums for the area’s mineral water and to receive curative mud applications as well as other relaxing proceedured offered at SPA centers.


Major Lithuanian cities – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda are full of variety of shopping centers and areas tailored to meet the needs of both on-the-budget and luxury customers. From world famous designer boutiques in the old towns of the cities to extensive shopping-entertainment centers Akropolis everyone will find a place to shop. Shopping centers are conveniently situated close to the city centers, thus are very easily accessible via public transport or taxi services. Often they are also offering entertainment services such as cinema, ice skating, bowling activities, beauty salons – all under one roof.