After procedure

Following the procedure you will be admitted to the intensive care unit so that the nursing and medical staff can closely monitor your condition in the postoperative period. Your analgesic and dietary requirements will be appropriately managed. Majority of the patients are kept in the hospital for 2 days after the operation. Every day you will be closely monitored by the staff and paid a visit from your consultant surgeon to check the post-operative progress. Before discharge from the hospital, you will be provided with expert personalized information about the diet and physical activity for the first weeks after your operation.

Post-operative follow-ups

After your procedure, you would be offered regular follow up appointments with your consultant surgeon. These consultations are important in order to achieve the most optimal result.


Weight-loss surgery – is a way of treatment, which allows you to reduce food intake, sensation of hunger and an opportunity to form new better habits resulting in lighter, healthier body. Our team will work hard to help you to achieve the best life quality that you deserve.