Your first consultation

If you have reserved a consultation with us we will expect you to share your story and build a trustworthy relationship with your consultant surgeon. In order to help you to achieve the best possible results, we will need to know about your lifestyle, eating habits, diseases and conditions which you have had or currently have. During this consultation, our consultant will be able to answer to all of your questions and/or concerns, discuss all possible measures in great detail and help you chose the most suitable pathway towards successful weight loss journey. If you may wish, after the consultation, our team will provide you additional literature for more in-depth personal research.

Prior to the operation

If you have made a decision to go ahead with one of the weight-loss operations, there are some important matters to take into consideration prior to the day of procedure. In order to do a thorough evaluation of your body’s functional status and to lower the risks of postoperative complications, some investigations need to be done. The pre-operative work up would be discussed during the consultation.

The day of the procedure

Prior to the operation, you will be examined by the anaesthetist who will be taking care of the anesthesia during the operation. Afterwards, you will see your consultant surgeon once again and an in depth discussion of the procedure will be undertaken. The consultant will also be able to address any of your concerns or questions.