The intragastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss method


The advantages of the intragastric balloon

With a completely innovative design, the air-filled intragastric balloon is an alternative for people who do not want or cannot have obesity surgery. Its major advantage is how light it is. It ensures the best comfort for the patient and considerably reduces any post-implantation complications.

This is one of the non-interventional methods of weight loss. This is a safe and effective treatment for obese or overweight patients. We use the latest generation of air inflatable intragastric balloon.

The folded balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth then filled up with air by the gastroenterologist. It is generally an out-patient procedure that lasts 20 minutes.

After 6 months in the stomach, the balloon is withdrawn under the same conditions as those used for implantation with the help of the extraction kit.

How is the balloon removed? Removal of the balloon from the stomach occurs after 6 months. The procedure is also straightforward: during gastric endoscopy, a tube is inserted into your stomach to pull out the emptied balloon. The patient is discharged a few hours after the procedure.



Intragastric balloon Package – 2.950€:

First consultation with gastroenterologist before the insertion of balloon;

Dietitian consultation with diet plan;

Intragastric balloon;

Sedation during the procedure;

Removal of the balloon;

All medication and equipment needed for successful outcome;

Personal manager to organize travel and stay in Kaunas.



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